- General neurology


- Sport-related muscle and nerve dysfunction


- Intervertebral disc diseases


- Movement disorders (e.g. Parkinson)


- States of exhaustion (neurological and psychological aspects)



Since the neurological office was founded (in 2014), numerous patients, including international, have consulted Dr. Daniel Birkfeld. This has resulted in a wide range of networks in Munich and international that can be accessed if necessary.


A particularly high level of experience consists in the examination of patients with  intervertebral disc diseases and the associated electrophysiology (measurement of the nerves).


A large number of patients, nationally and internationally recognized athletes have been able to rely on the expertise of Dr. Birkfeld.


Besides this, matters of general neurology are included like movement disorders, e.g. Parkinson, epilepsy and dementia.


In addition to nerve measurements, psychological concerns are always taken into account.


In states of exhaustion, Dr. Birkfeld uses both somatic (physical) and psychological assessment and counseling. There are knowledge and professional experience from behavioral therapy (cognitive behavioral therapy) and several years of psychiatric professional experience by Dr. Birkfeld.













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