Technical examinations:



- EMG: electromyography, measurement of muscle activity:

for example with disc diseases, muscle pain...


- Nerve ultrasound:

for example with tingling, constrictions, paralysis...


- NLG: nerve conduction velocities;

for example in the case of gait disturbances, paresthesia, paralysis...


- Neurostress test: determination of cortisol, DHEA, serotonin, GABA, glutamate.

for example in the case of exhaustion syndromes


- EEG: electroencephalography, measurement of brain waves:

for example seizures, nervousness, sleep disorders...


- EP: Evoked Potentials:

for example in case of discomfort, pain, sensory disturbances...


- Doppler/Duplex: Ultrasound of vessels supplying the brain and nerves/muscles:

for example in cases of paralysis, abnormal sensations, dizziness...













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external service provider **




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